Private Press & Local LPs

ANONYMOUS: Inside the Shadow (A Major Label 1976) Indianapolis

BEAT OF THE EARTH: Beat Of The Earth (Radish 1967) Los Angeles

C A QUINTET: Trip thru Hell (Candy Floss 1969) Minneapolis

COLD SUN: Dark Shadows (Rockadelic 1970/1991) Austin

CREATION OF SUNLIGHT: Creation Of Sunlight (Windi 1969) Los Angeles

FRACTION: Moon Blood (Angelus 1971) Los Angeles

D R HOOKER: The Truth (On 1972) Connecticut

KRISTYL: Kristyl (no label 1975) Kentucky

MARCUS: Marcus (House Of Trax 1979) Kentucky/Indiana

MICHAEL ANGELO: Michael Angelo (Guinn 1977) Kansas City

NIGHTSHADOW: Square Root of Two (Spectrum 1968) Atlanta

PLASTIC CLOUD: Plastic Cloud (Allied 1968) Canada

THESE TRAILS: These Trails (Sinergia 1973) Hawaii

THIRD ESTATE: Years Before the Wine (TTE 1976) Baton Rouge

BOBB TRIMBLE: Harvest of Dreams (Bobb 1982) Massachusetts

FATHER YOD & YA HO WA 13: Contraction (Higherkey 1973) Los Angeles

ZERFAS: Zerfas (700 West 1973) Indianapolis

Major Artist & Major Label LPs

BOHEMIAN VENDETTA: Bohemian Vendetta (Mainstream 1968) Long Island

BYRDS: Younger Than Yesterday (Columbia 1967) Los Angeles

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH: Electric Music For the Mind and Body (Vanguard 1967) Berkeley

DEEP: Psychedelic Moods (Cameo Parkway 1966) New York City

ELECTRIC PRUNES: Underground (Reprise 1967) Los Angeles

50 FOOT HOSE: Cauldron (Limelight 1968) San Francisco

GOLDEN DAWN: Power Plant (I A 1968) Austin

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: After Bathing at Baxter's (RCA 1968) San Francisco

MANDRAKE MEMORIAL: Puzzle (Poppy 1970) Philadelphia

MORGEN: Morgen (Probe 1969) New York City

MU: The Last Album (Appaloosa 1974/1981) Hawaii

STRAWBERRY ALARMCLOCK: Wake Up, it's Tomorrow (Uni 1968) Santa Barbara

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS: Easter Everywhere (I A 1967) Austin

TRIPSICHORD MUSIC BOX: Tripsichord Music Box (San Francisco Sound 1971) San Francisco

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND: Part One (Reprise 1967) Los Angeles

Exotica, Lounge, Real People & Spoken Word

EDEN AHBEZ: Eden's Island  (Del-Fi 1960)

CHRISTIAN YOGA CHURCH: Turn on!  (no label 1967)

GANIMIAN & HIS ORIENTAL MUSIC: Come with me to the casbah (Atco 1959)

PETER GRUDZIEN: The Unicorn  (P.G 1974)

GERALD HEARD: Explorations vol 2 - Rebirth (World Pacific 1961)

KAPLAN BROTHERS: Nightbird  (Quinton 1978)

TIMOTHY LEARY: Turn on tune in drop out (Mercury 1967)

LSD: various  (Capitol 1966)

PHIL MOORE: Polynesian Paradise (Strand 1959)

PAUL PAGE: The Reef Is Calling (Paradise c1961)

PALMER ROCKEY: Rockey's style (no label 1980)

CHARLIE TWEDDLE: Fantastic; Greatest Hits (no label 1974)

ALAN WATTS: This Is IT!  (MEA 1962)

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